Why cloud computing works so well for most businesses

by Jun 9, 2020Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solutions0 comments

Why cloud computing works so well for most businesses

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solutions

1) Pay as you go

Unlike physical servers and computing infrastructure, there’s a minimal up-front cost to cloud computing.

The big providers like Microsoft and Google offer monthly subscriptions and licenses. 

2) Resiliency in cloud computing

Having your businesses email in the cloud is a bit of a no brainer.  Back in the day when a server crashed in the office, no one could email in or out.  However, with your emails in the cloud if the internet or an on-premise server crashes your customers and suppliers can still email you.  All will be waiting when you come back online.

3) Security

Most small to medium-size businesses have a set budget for their IT spend each year.  As hackers become more sophisticated, you can easily spend thousands making sure on-premise servers are secure.  With cloud computing, Microsoft and Google are doing the hard work for you in keeping their data centres around the global secure.

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4) Access anywhere

Probably the most awesome feature of cloud computing is the ability to access your apps, data and services anywhere you have internet. 

With a more traditional IT setup, it was always troublesome to connect to a VPN and “dial in” to the office system.  This is no longer a thing with most modern IT infrastructures.  

5) Backing up

Backups are a big topic just now.  Most IT companies worth their salt will be prioritising your backup system.  Not only to make sure that your data is safe but also if you ever fall victim to a cybersecurity attack, backups are crucial for recovery.

With most cloud services, backups are inbuilt and part of the core functionality of the service.

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