The number 1 business productivity app I know of

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The number 1 business productivity app I know of

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Managed Service

This is a very common problem in business and one which is mundane.  The act of arranging a meeting.

Did you know that the average meeting takes 8.0179 emails to schedule?

This was observed in a study of 12,411 randomly selected meetings scheduled by a powerful artificial intelligence meeting scheduling system.  The study took place from July 1st and December 1st, 2014.

Whilst the figure of 8 emails may not sound like a problem, it’s the time associated with the task.  If each email takes around 90 seconds and you have on average 2 meetings a week, that’s 52 hours a year (more than one working week).


It’s the little tasks like this in business that doesn’t seem like a problem.  But, you’d have far greater use of your time and productivity if you could remove them from your daily work schedule.

What I’m going to outline to you in this article is a piece of software that will change the way you work.  As a bonus, you’ll look like a technology expert the next time you have to schedule a meeting.  Your clients will thank you for it.

The app in question is called Calendly

What’s with the app?

There are many other apps that offer similar features.  I’ve just chosen Calendly for this article since I use it.  It’s easy to use and the one that’s the most familiar to me.  Hence, this is why I consider it the number 1 business productivity app. 

What this app will do is read your Outlook/Gmail calendar.  It allows you to schedule when people may meet with you during the day.  Then the system creates a public URL that you can share with your contacts.

So the next time you have to schedule a meeting, you just send the URL web link.  The meeting invitee chooses a time from your calendar instead of emailing through times.

It’s such a simple solution to one of the common problems that almost everyone has just put up with.

Moreover, this app can be taken a step further in your business since there is a team option so you can have the app deployed to other colleagues.  The best way to get started with prioritising who should make use of the app first is by running a report on who has the most meetings. 

Seems like common sense but the person scheduling the most meetings is going to get the best use from the app and will thank you for it.

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