Learn Why Technology is an Investment and not a cost

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Learn Why Technology is an Investment and not a cost

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Managed Service

If you have ever been sold IT services for your business, you may have heard the term “technology should be seen as an investment.”

Many small business owners look at IT hardware, software, and support services as one big cost centre for their business which sadly they attempt to cut corners with.

The reality is that if you invest in the right technology and decisions, it can have a dramatic effect on staff productivity, competitive advantage, and business intelligence.

We’ll be covering three examples of just how we’ve helped other similar businesses become digitally optimised using some great technology investments.

1. Solid State Drives (SSD)

We’ll keep this in plain English as much as possible!  The main bottleneck in any desktop or laptop will be the hard drive.  This is a spinning platter of discs that holds all the data for your PC. 

Most newer systems now come with solid-state discs which save many minutes each day when loading applications, restarting and accessing data.

However, older laptops can quite easily be upgraded to an SSD drive that will breathe life into an old system and increase staff productivity.


2. Digital Optimisation

One of many examples:

Working with a local firm that produces aggregate has an ordering system needing an overhaul.  The credit controller put her mind to work to make the order form simple by removing a few questions.

However, the form itself was printed and then filled out with a paper and pen.

We stepped in and suggested an online order form which can be presented to the customers with a simple URL on their smartphone.

Within minutes, we had a form created and customers easily able to place orders which landed in the inbox of the sales team. 

A task that took us 1 hour to implement that saves time and speeds up the sales process all down with the power of Microsoft 365.


3. Business Intelligence

Big banks have become very sophisticated in their customer retention.  With access to tens of thousands of customers data, they’ve created powerful computer algorithms that can predict when a customer is going to leave.

These types of algorithms and intelligence systems are available to all businesses in the form of Microsoft Azure cognitive services.  You can easily hire the right data nerd to crunch the numbers and give you a robust algorithm that you can apply to your business.



The only thing stopping you is what you want to be intelligent about in your business and having the right IT partner that can host your Microsoft Azure tenant.

That’s where we come in, get in touch with us today if you’d like further information on how you can digitally optimise your business and start investing in technology.

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